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This is a guide to help researchers investigating possible international crimes that were committed in Yemen.

Getting Started

Please contact Andy Dorchak ( with a couple days and times you are available to meet for a research consultation.

If you are checking out print books from CWRU or OhioLINK libraries, please make sure you return or renew them before the due dates. You can check your record and renew books via your Library Record online or by contacting the Circulation Desk in person or by phone (216-368-2792).

​ICJ Statute, Article 38:

Sources of International Law: conventions (treaties); international custom; general principles; judicial decisions and scholarship of the "most highly qualified publicists"

Fatima Bhojani, Seeking Accountability in Yemen (Foreign Affairs, March 21, 2017).

M. Bassiouni, United Nations Commission of Experts Established Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 780. (which investigated crimes in the former Yugoslavia).

Anthony Bestafka-Cruz, Searching through Systems: Research Guide for UN Criminal Tribunals (Update, Nov./Dec., 2017).