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Torts (LAWS 1103)

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This course covers compensation of an injured party for harm resulting from intentional or unintentional acts and omissions of others. Consideration is given to the rules, rationale, and policy underlying tort liability. The course includes analysis of assault and battery, false imprisonment, negligence, standard of care, duty, risk, causation, liabilities and rights of landowners and land users, liability relating to dangerous activities and defective products, liabilities arising from special relationships or specially recognized legal interests, and defenses.


Prof. Katharine Van Tassel is the Interim Executive Director, Graduate Programs in Compliance and Risk Management and Visiting Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve School of Law. She has regularly taught Health Law: Quality, Cost and Access, Healthcare Organization & Finance, Governance, Compliance & Risk Management, Compliance Skills: Planning, Auditing, Investigating, and Reporting, Bioethics, Public Health Law, Food, Drug & Biotech Law, Eldercare Law, Torts, Evidence, Civil Procedure and Sales.

Maxwell J. Mehlman

Prof. Maxwell J. Mehlman is the Arthur E. Petersilge Professor of Law and Director of the Law-Medicine Center. His specialties include military bioethics, performance enhancement and the law, medical malpractice myths, and the rights of patients.


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Prof. Van Tassel

Prof. Mehlman

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