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Summer and Recent Graduates Access to Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg

Lexis info updated on April 5, 2021)

Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law (Summer and Recent Graduates)

2021 Lexis Summer and Graduate Information (updated 4/5/21, based on 4/1/21 email)

The LexisNexis summer access and graduate access to Lexis+ is the same as prior years. 

Summer Access Program: 

Students will automatically have free unlimited use of their law school Lexis+ ID this summer. This includes workplace related research though students should check with their employer. Many firms prefer summer associates use a firm issued Lexis Id. No registration required for summer access, students sign in as usual.

Students can further prepare for their summer jobs with our on-demand Prepare to Practice Resources.

Graduate Program: 

Whether it’s the bar exam or a legal job search, LexisNexis has graduates covered. Spring graduates will be able to continue using their law school Lexis ID through December 31, 2021. No registration required. Graduates can sign into Lexis+ as usual. The will have the same world-class legal and news content enjoyed in law school, excluding public records.

LexisNexis Law School Team



Rising 2Ls and 3Ls 

Bloomberg Law's summer access allows rising 2Ls and 3Ls to use their Bloomberg Law account during the summer without restriction.  

additional registration required.  However, Bloomberg Law does suggest that students check with their firm to ensure that work product is managed appropriately. 

Graduating 3Ls

Bloomberg Law's standard policy on graduates provides access for six months after graduation. This year, however, in response to the Covid epidemic and uncertainty surrounding the current legal market, Bloomberg has extended access to Bloomberg Law until June 1, 2021, for anyone graduating Spring of 2020.



Rising 2Ls and 3Ls 

You may continue to use Thomson Reuters products, including Westlaw and Practical Law, during the summer for non-commercial research only. The purpose of summer access is to enable you to develop confidence and experience in using your research skills. However, you may not use your CWRU Thomson Reuters accounts for research while you are billing a client.

 You do not have to do anything to gain access to these tools over the summer. If you have any questions, please contact your Thomson Reuters Academic Account Manager.

Permissible uses include:

- Summer coursework

- Research assistant assignments

- Law review or journal research 

-  Moot Court research

- Non-Profit work

- Clinical work

- Externship sponsored by CWRU School of Law, for example, judicial externships

Graduating 3Ls



You have access to Thomson Reuters products, including Westlaw and Practical Law, for six-months after graduation. Your “Grad Elite” access gives you 60-hours of usage on these products per month to gain understanding and build confidence in your research skills. While you cannot use it in situations where you are billing a client, Thomson Reuters encourages you to use these tools to build your knowledge of the law and prepare for your bar exam.

In addition, you get access to Knowledge Center eLearnings and Tutorials on Westlaw for 18-months after graduation.
Once you know what your plans are, or if you need a refresher, don’t forget to use the Knowledge Center eLearnings to becoming a pro at research!

1) Go to; Log in; Use the drop-down menu by your name to go to Grad Elite Status
2) Or Click on this link: