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Course Guides | Spring 2023

Legislation and Regulation (LAWS 1204)

Course Info

Law, Legislation and Regulation is a required first-year course designed to introduce students to the structure of US government, the legislative process, principles of statutory interpretation, the operation of administrative agencies and regulatory process.


Section 310 - Advocates

Prof. Cathy Mansfield

Prof. Cathy Mansfield is Senior Instructor in Law and Executive Director of the Master of Arts in Financial Integrity Program at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law and teaches a variety of consumer, payments and commercial law courses.

Section 320 - Barristers

Prof. Victor Flatt

Prof. Victor Flatt is a Visiting Professor of Law and the Distinguished Visiting Fellow for the Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law. He is a nationally recognized expert on environmental law, climate law, and energy law, and the intersection of these areas.


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