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Gadgets & Equipment: Home

Gadgets & Equipment for checkout at the circulation desk.


Book Stand

 Available for  for 2 hour checkout.





High quality headphones available for checkout at the circulation desk.





A variety of portable chargers 

Portable charger for smartphones and iPads available for 2 hour checkout.



 Light Therapy Lamp

Available for 2 hour checkout



Cables and Power Supplies

USB charging cable

To charge devices with micro USB ports, including Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. Available for 2 hour checkout. 



Lightning to USB cable 

Charges iPhone, iPad and iPod models with Lightning port. Available for 2 hour checkout.




15W dual USB AC Wall adapter 

USB to wall adapter; compatible with iPhone, iPad and other portable devices. 2 hour checkout.



85W Mag Safe 2 Power Supply Compatible with: 15 inch MacBook Pro. 2 hour checkout.




85W Mag Safe Power Supply Compatible with 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pro. 2 hour check out.