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Citation Management Tools

This guide provides an overview of citation and research manager applications available to Case School of Law students, faculty and staff.

Getting Started

The formal acknowledgement of the use of the words or ideas of another; a note of reference, explanation, or comment usually placed below the text on a printed page.
A web-based or downloadable software program or application (an app).
The works or a list of the works referred to in a text, consulted by the author in its production. Synonyms include: reference list or works cited.
Citation manager
Citation management tools allow you to collect, organize, and store information resources in one place. They also simplify the process of citing references in articles or research papers, as well as generating bibliographies in a wide range of citation styles.
The act of selecting excerpts or terms and copying out or citing.
Storage space
When choosing a citation management system, check how much storage space is available for the option you prefer. Free storage space is usually limited in size.


Mendeley is a free, easy to use bibliographic management software—tool that helps you collect, organize, cite and share research. Available via Mac, Windows, Linux, Mendeley provides up to 2Gb of online storage and up to 5 private groups of up to 25 members. Although Word integration is excellent, support from the publisher has been inconsistent. Over 1,000 citation styles, including The Bluebook, are supported.


EndNote is a software program that can help you manage your references and format  bibliographies and manuscripts. 


Zotero is a free, easy to use bibliographic management software—tool that helps you collect, organize, cite and share research. Available via Mac, Windows, Linux, Zotero creates references and bibliographies directly inside Word, LibreOffice or Google Docs. Over 9,000 citation styles, including The Bluebook, are supported. is a service created by the Harvard Law Library.  It's goal is to ensure that references never disappear.  It purports to keep any links referenced in your research or publication from changing or disappearing.  Its goal is to fight link rot. Go to for details. 

Please note that currently the Citation management tools we discuss in this guide do not yet automate the inclusion of links in citations saved by them.  Hopefully that will become a forthcoming development for these tools.

Lexis & Westlaw


Highlight the text you wish to copy or highlight.  A pull-down menu appears.  Choose "Copy (Advanced). The text you wish to copy appears in a box.  After the text appears. a citation appears that is linked to the information you chose to copy. Click on Copy and Close. 



Copy and paste text with a citation.  Any time you select text within a document on Westlaw Edge, you will see pull-down menu offering several useful options, including Copy with Reference which makes it easy for you to copy and paste relevant text with a helpful citation to the document.

  • Start by highlighting the text you want to copy, then select "Copy with Reference" from the menu. Clicking on the arrow next to "Copy with Reference" will allow you to select from a number of citation styles. Options include Bluebook, ALWD, and a number of state citation systems.

Other Citation Managers

Selected Books & Articles



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