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Expungement, Record Sealing, Pardons

A research guide on expungement, record sealing, and pardons. Updated Sept., 2020 (AD).

CQE: General

A Certificate of Qualification for Employment ("CQE") "[c]reates a process by which an individual, who is subject to a “civil impact” or “collateral sanction”, may obtain an order of limited relief from a court that will provide relief from certain bars on employment or occupational licensing in the state of Ohio.  A collateral sanction is a penalty, disability or disadvantage is included in the sentence or judgment." (source)

CQE: Law and Forms

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2953.25 contains the laws regarding CQE.

Additional information is on the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE) page.

One may apply for a CQE on the Ohio Certificate of Qualification for Employment Online Petition Website.  Here is a link to the blank form.