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Trademark Law Research Guide

Getting Started Researching Trademark Law

Locating Scholarly Legal Articles

Besides using the journal and law review databases on Lexis and Westlaw, neither of which are comprehensive in coverage, and Google Scholar, which may not be current, you can conduct more focused journal research using these index-driven databases. They are particularly helpful when you receive too many results in your Google Scholar search. You can limit your results by selecting precise subject headings and adding precise date restrictions.

Use the Research Databases to search for multidisciplinary articles not found in LexisNexis or Westlaw, for example, HeinOnline, JSTOR, Social Science Index, MedLine, Proquest’s Dissertations and Theses, PsycINFO, EBSCO Criminal Justice Abstracts, and various news and science and technology databases.

HeinOnline Law Journal Library

Contains more than 2,600 law and law-related periodicals. Subjects covered include intellectual property law, criminal justice, political science, technology, human rights, and more. Coverage for all journals is from inception and goes through the most currently published issues allowed based on contracts with publishers. About 90% of journals are available through the current issue or volume. Search by article title, author, subject, state or country published, full text, and narrow by date. The accurate Bluebook citation format is available for most articles.

EBSCOHost Databases:

A suite of full-text & indexed databases tailored to various research needs.  Users can view (and simultaneously research in) the list and description of EBSCO databases by clicking on the “Choose Database” link from within any one of the EBSCO Databases. Connect to VPN for remote and wireless access.

  • EBSCO Legal Collection

    • Collection of about 250 law journals, including a mix of law-school based journals, peer-reviewed journals, bar journals, and other genres of legal literature.

  • Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (ILP)

    • Coverage: 1981 – Present;

    • Indexes over 2400 law review & journal titles (English-language law reviews, Bar Association publications and books).

    • Try Subject searches and Browse or Advanced Search.

    • Try starting with a known article to identify appropriate subjects assigned to your topic.

Legal Resource Index (LRI):  (Also known as LegalTrac) now on Lexis Advance, and Westlaw Edge.
  • Legal Resource Index (LRI) is also a controlled-vocabulary index of legal literature comparable in many respects to the Index to Legal Periodicals & Books (ILP), but with a focus that includes legal newspapers, bar journals, and other practice-oriented material (by comparison with ILP’s stricter focus on academic law journal content). LRI coverage generally begins in 1980, with a later starting date for certain individual publications.

Selected Trademark Law Periodicals

​Links are to the journals' websites, or if a website is not available, then to HeinOnline.


Selected Trademark Law Articles

Related to the History of Trademark Law

Mark P. McKenna, The Normative Foundations of Trademark Law, 82 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1839 - 1916 (2007).

Edward S. Rogers, Some Historical Matter Concerning Trademarks, 9 Mich. L. Rev. 29-43 (1910-1911).

Keith M. Stolte, How Early Did Anglo-American Trademark Law Begin - An Answer to Schechter's Conundrum, 8 Fordham Intell. Prop. Media & Ent. L.J. 505-548 (1998).


Lisa Andrukonis, Stephen Damato, & Robert Wilson, Intellectual Property Crimes, 53 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 1459-1504 (2016). 

Irina D. Manta, The Puzzle of Criminal Sanctions for Intellectual Property Infringement,  24 Harv. J. L. & Tech. 469 - 518 (2011).

Mark P. McKenna, Criminal Trademark Enforcement and the Problem of Inevitable Creep, 51 Akron L. Rev. 989 -1023 (2017).

Dotan Oliar & James Y. Stern, Right on Time: First Possession in Property and Intellectual Property, 99 B.U. L.Rev. 395 - 458 (2019).

Law and Economics

William M. Landes & Richard A. Posner, Trademark Law: An Economic Perspective, 30 J.L. & Econ. 265 (1987). HeinOnline.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.