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Financial Institutions Regulation (LAWS 5436)

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This course examines the regulation of financial institutions, with an emphasis on the federal regulation of U.S. banks and their affiliates. It focuses on the statutes that govern banking, the important cases that define the limits of banking powers, and the ever-increasing role of the regulatory agencies. The discussion will be viewed through the lens of the 2008-2010 financial crisis and the current challenges caused by the pandemic. It will review current enforcement orders issued by the regulatory agencies that have changed the banking landscape as much as the statutes upon which they are based. The discussion will also include relevant references to the International Basel Accords, which are the global standards for the regulation and supervision of banks.


Prof. Forrest Stanley is an attorney in Cleveland, Ohio and focuses on various areas of law, especially banking law. Stanley has been teaching Financial Institutions Regulation at Case Western Reserve University School of Law for five years. 


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