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Baseball and Law

For those interested in Law and Professional Baseball and those interested in Jurisprudence and Baseball

Selected Periodical Titles

Arizona State University Sports and Entertainment Law Journal (Updated semiannually, v.1 - date)  eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law. (Updated annually, v. 1 - date).  eJournal.  HeinOnline.  CWRU Users Only.

DePaul Journal of Sports Law & Contemporary Problems (Updated semiannually, v.1 - date). eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

The Entertainment and Sports Lawyer (ABA). (Updated quarterly, v. 1 - date). eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Florida Entertainment, Art & Sport Law Journal (Updated annually, v. 1-3).  eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal (Title varies) (Updated quarterly, v. 1 - date). eJournalHeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law (Updated semiannually, v.1 - date). eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal (Title varies).  (Updated semiannually, v. 1 - date).  eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport (Title varies). (Updated semiannually, v.1 - date). eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Marquette Sports Law Review (Updated semiannually, v. 1 - date). eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Professional Sports and the Law (Updated bimonthly, v. 1 - date). eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

Seton Hall Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law  (Title varies). (Two issues yearly, v. 1 - date).  eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.

University of Miami Entertainment And Sports Law Review  (Title varies). (Updated semiannually, v. 1 - v. 14).  eJournal. HeinOnline. CWRU Users Only.