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Professional Responsibility (LAWS 2001)

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This course deals with questions underlying the responsibilities of the lawyer, as a professional, to self, society, client, and the profession. Premises concerning the lawyer's role or roles within the context of the adversary system are examined in some detail, as is the idea of professionalism. The Model Code of Professional Responsibility and the Model Rules of Professional Conduct are analyzed as generalized statements of the aspirations and obligations of lawyers, and as applied to concrete problems.

Instructor [Section 300]

Prof. Robert Strassfeld

Prof. Robert Strassfeld is a Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University who teaches Torts, Federal Courts, Labor Law, and Legal History.

Instructor [Section 600]

Prof. Jonathan Gordon is the Professor of Lawyering Skills and Director of the SJD Program at CWRU School of Law. He teaches the First Year Seminar and Advanced Seminar to international students in the SJD Program as well as Professional Responsibility to international students in the school's LLM program.


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Section 300 - Strassfeld

Section 600


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