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Federal Tax Research

This research guide is for those who have a basic idea of tax law and its sources

Other information:

Taxation Law Student Writing Competitions:

  • Mary Moers Wenig Student Writing Competition page
  • Paul Faherty Tax Law Writing Competition page
  • Tannewald Competition page
  • For more information see the Student Writing Competitions on the Student Home page here (you will need to login).

Some recent faculty tax articles:

Richard K. Gordon, On the Use and Abuse of Standards for Law: Global Governance and Offshore Financial Centers, 88 North Carolina Law Review 501 (2010).

Richard K. Gordon, Losing the War Against Dirty Money: Rethinking Global Standards on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, Case Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2010-20.

Erick M. Jensen, Quirky Constitutional Provisions Matter: The Tonnage Clause, Polar Tankers, and State Taxation of Commerce, 18 George Mason Law Review 669 (2011).

Erick M. Jensen, Murphy v. Internal Revenue Service, the Meaning of ‘Income,’ and Sky-Is-Falling Tax Commentary, 60 Case Western Reserve Law Review 751 (2010).