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Child Soldiers (International Law)

This guide links to books, articles, databases, and websites that facilitate research into the status of child soldiers under international law.

Selected Articles

  1. Ally McQueen, Falling Through the Gap: The Culpability of Child Soldiers Under International Criminal Law

            94 Notre Dame L. Rev. Online 100 (2019)


  1. Barbora Holá and Thijs B. Bouwknegt, Child Soldiers in International Courtrooms: Unqualified Perpetrators, Erratic Witnesses and Irreparable Victims?

Research Handbook on Child Soldiers (2019)


  1. Samantha Bradley, What If Goliath Killed David? The Coalition to Counter ISIS and the Status and Responsibility of ISIS’ Child Soldiers

            33 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 571 (2018)


  1. Prajakta Gupte, Child Soldiers in Myanmar: Role of Myanmar Government and Limitations of International Law

            6 Penn St. J. L. & Int'l Aff. 371 (2018)


  1. Raphael Lorenzo Aguiling Pangalangan, Dominic Ongwen and the Rotten Social Background Defense: The Criminal Culpability of Child Soldiers Turned War Criminals

            33 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 605 (2018)


  1. M. Mehdi Ali, Omar Khadr’s Legal Odyssey: The Erasure of Child Soldier as a Legal Category

46 Ga. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 347 (2018)


  1. Anaise Muzima, Reimagining the Scope of Children’s Legal Protection during Armed Conflicts under International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law

8 W. J. Legal Stud. 1 (2018)


  1. Gamaliel Kan, The Prosecution of a Child Victim and a Brutal Warlord: The Competing Narrative of Dominic Ongwen

5 SOAS L.J. 70 (2018)


  1. Marquise Houle, The Legal Responsibility of Child Soldiers

            8 Int'l L. Y.B. 193 (2017-2018)


  1. Ingvild Bode, Reflective Practices at the Security Council: Children and Armed Conflict and the Three United Nations

24(2) Eur. J. Int’l Rel. 293 (2017)


  1. Noëlle Quénivet, Does and Should International Law Prohibit the Prosecution of Children for War Crimes?

            28 Eur. J. Int'l L. 433 (2017)


  1. Renée Nicole Souris, Child Soldiering on Trial: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Responsibility in the Lord’s Resistance Army

13(3) Int’l J. of L. in Context. 316 (2017)


  1. Sandhya Nair, Child Soldiers and International Criminal Law: Is the Existing Legal Framework Adequate to Prohibit the Use of Children in Conflict

2 Perth ILJ 40 (2017)


  1. Sangeetha Yogendran, Did the ICC Fail Child Victims in the Lubanga Reparations Order

9 Amsterdam L.F. 65 (2017)


  1. Steven Freeland and Pernille Walther, Reimagining the Unimaginable? Reflections on Mark A. Dumbl’s Vision of Child Soldiers

11 Crim. L. & Phil. 37 (2017)


  1. Sarah Hafen, Incentivizing Armed Non-State Actors to Comply with the Law: Protecting Children in Times of Armed Conflict

2016 B.Y.U. L. Rev. 989 (2016)


  1. Ana Martin Beringola, Ensuring Protection of Child Soldiers from Sexual Violence: Relevance of the Ntaganda Decision on the Confirmation of Charges in Narrowing the Gap

8 Amsterdam LF 58 (2016)