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Federal (U.S.) Regulation Research

Federal Regulation research is divided into two separate areas: (1) administrative law, which deals with the validity and creation of agency created law; and (2) the research of the agency law itself. This series of research guides deals with the latter.

Step 8: Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Review of Final Rule, Interim Final Rule, or Direct Final Rule

Review of significant proposed regulations before publication to ensure compliance with Executive Order 12866.

What to look for:

  • If there is to be a review.
  • If the review is done.

Where to look:

  • News about:
    • Current Awareness Publication: to find Major Treatises by Topic.
    • Agency website, either issue page or regulation page.
  • Information about the OMB review.
      • If the rulemaking under review, the path is: "Regulatory Review > Regulatory Review Dashboard."
      • If the review is done, the path is: "Regulatory Review > Search.