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Mass Media Law & Policy (LAWS 5757)

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This survey course will examine the constitutional, statutory, administrative, public and private regulation of media. We will examine regulations and case law governing television and radio broadcast, cable, satellite and streaming services, newsprint, wire and wireless telephony, and the internet. In doing so, we will learn about the structure, function, and power of the Federal Communications Commission, the Motion Pictures Association of America, processes of airwave allocation and licensing, and mass media ownership. Finally, we will explore contemporary issues of protest (e.g., George Floyd, January 6), communication torts (e.g., defamation, incitement), and the impact of such mass mediated events on law and policy.

Prof. Adamson

Prof. Bryan Adamson

Prof. Bryan Adamson is the David L. & Ann Brennan Professor of Law, and Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion. His areas of expertise are mass media and First Amendment law, and his authorship has been published in publications ranging from Yale Law and Policy Review and Harvard Journal of Racial and Ethnic Justice. He teaches the Advocates (310) section of Civil Procedure.


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