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Course Guides | Spring 2023

Education Law (LAWS 5725)

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This course surveys the legal and social policy challenges related to public education settings. Students will study relevant constitutional issues, legislative mandates, school vouchers to supplement tuitions in private schools, charter schools, and more recent attempts under state constitutions to provide a quality education for all children. Beyond analyzing the legal frameworks that shape public education, the course will also cover the difficulties confronting public education from a sociological perspective.


Prof. David J. Carney

Prof. David J. Carney is Professor of Lawyering Skills and co-founder and Co-Assistant Director of The Legal Writing Academy at Case Western Reserve School of Law, teaching LLEAP 1 and 2 and Evidence.


Prof. Daniel Jaffe

Prof. Daniel A. Jaffe is Director of Legal Writing, Leadership, Experiential Learning, Advocacy and Professionalism (LLEAP) and Professor of Lawyering Skills, teaching LLEAP 1 and 2 and Education Law. 


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