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Course Guides | Spring 2023

Business of Law Practice (LAWS 4811)

Course Info

This class will expose each student to the introductory realities of the business of the practice of law with an expectation of enabling each student to develop a sole practitioner law practice upon graduation. This class will define the necessary elements for consideration on forming a sole practitioner law practice, then move to how to optimize implementing you law practice business, and finally how to profit from your law practice business while best serving your client. This class will offer an introduction to practical, real life advice and guidance to create, open, and successfully run a sole practitioner law practice. Class will proceed via lecture, discussion, and be highly interactive, with a final project. At the conclusion of this class you will develop an actual business plan that you will then use to implement your successful sole practitioner law practice.


Prof. David Corrado

Prof. David Corrado is a practicing attorney and an Adjunct Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University.


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