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Risk Management (LAWS 5501)

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This course explores the methods and policies for allocating losses from harm to one's person, property, relations, and economic and other interests. The course covers the substantive principles of tort claims and their defenses, as well as claims activities in the period between the event that gave rise to the claim and the time that litigation commences, the phases of litigation of a claim (from pre-trial to settlement, including discovery), and basic concepts relating to handling activities in the post-litigation period, such as reporting, data analysis, and initiatives to prevent future events. In addition, this course will also explore how statutes and regulations come into existence, whether or not they are valid, and how courts interpret them, in order to better understand the risks associated with regulatory compliance failures, both civil and criminal.


Prof. Katharine Van Tassel is the Interim Executive Director, Graduate Programs in Compliance and Risk Management and Visiting Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve School of Law. Her subject specialties are Health Law; Healthcare Finance; Food, Drug & Biotech Law; Public Health Law; Eldercare Law; and Governance, Compliance & Risk Management.


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