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Patent Preparation & Prosecution (LAWS 4311)

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Patent preparation, drafting, and filing of a patent application are the fundamental aspects of patent practice. Students will learn how to conduct a client-inventor interview, what questions to ask the client-inventor and what information is most important to obtain prior to commencing the patent drafting process. Technical aspects of patentability searching will also be explored. In addition, the student will learn the various parts of the patent application and best practices associated with drafting each part. Before the drafting takes place, the class will cover relevant case law. Also, nonlegal, practical aspects such as organization, various grammatical concerns, and other concepts related to patent drafting will be covered. Ultimately, students will take the information provided in the class and draft an actual patent application based upon a simple hypothetical invention. Emphasis will be placed on specification drafting and claim drafting, and how to claim around prior art.


Prof. Christopher Hunter

Prof. Christopher Hunter is Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property, at Parker-Hannifin Corporation, where he focuses on intellectual property counseling and infringement issues, and IP transactions. He earned his B.S. in physics from Bucknell University, and a J.D. from Case Western Reserve School of Law, where he is an adjunct professor.


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