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Law of the Music Industry (LAWS 5324)

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This course will cover the major components of the music industry, including recording agreements, songwriting and music publishing concepts, personal management agreements, trademark issues, live performance agreements, termination of transfer, and other concepts. Special attention will be paid to copyright infringement litigation, including a discussion of the most recent cases. There will also be a class on fair use. Guest speakers from a major concert promotion company and a major music publisher typically participate. The class will include the latest on the Music Modernization Act and the successful transition of the recorded music industry to music streaming. A student who attends the class will learn all aspects of music licensing. A knowledge of copyright law is useful, but not required.


Prof. Mark Avsec

Prof. Mark Avsec is a copyright, trademark, and media lawyer as well as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University. His practice focuses on complex technology licensing deals involving creative content, 3D-printing industry-related counseling, copyright, trademark, and trade dress litigation, copyright and trademark prosecution, fair use and rights of publicity/privacy counseling, celebrity endorsements, and an expertise in privacy and data security compliance.


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