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Labor Law (LAWS 5737)

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The basic course in the area of union-management relations, designed both for students desiring to pursue the field further and for those whose interest lies in an introduction to legal principles in this area. The course begins with a brief historical study of the evolution of the labor movement and prestatutory law. It then considers federal regulation under the National Labor Relations Act of union organizational efforts, management-union interaction, and the representational process, then proceeds to the collective bargaining process. The collective bargaining process is examined in some depth with special emphasis on the scope and substance of the duty to bargain in good faith, the enforcement of collective bargaining agreements in courts and by arbitrators, and the legal regulation of industrial warfare, the strike and lockout.


Prof. Robert Strassfeld

Prof. Robert Strassfeld is a Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University who teaches Torts, Federal Courts, Labor Law, and Legal History.


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