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Social Justice Law Reporter (LAWS 5775)

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The Social Justice Law Center (SJLC) Reporter course offers students interested in social justice law the opportunity to: 1) explore existing and emerging scholarship, current and proposed laws, and judicial opinions on current social justice issues; 2) write comments and summaries of those various materials; 3) receive guidance and instruction on their writing; and 4) complete their writing requirement focusing on a social justice-related topic(s) through a year-long class. Students work closely with the instructor to identify specific social justice topics to be covered by the Reporter throughout the year. Students will have numerous meetings with the instructor and will develop their critical analysis skills, writing skills, learn about plagiarizing, and will receive training concerning advanced legal research.


Prof. Ayesha Hardaway

Prof. Ayesha Hardaway is an Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law and the Director of the Criminal Clinic in the Milton A. Kramer Law Clinic. Prof. Hardaway has taught as a clinician in the areas of health law, civil litigation and criminal justice. Her research and scholarship interests include the intersection of race and the law, constitutional law, criminal law, policing and civil litigation.


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