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Child Welfare (LAWS 5753)

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This course explores the underlying principles of child welfare. We will look at the state's right to intervene where children are being abused or neglected; legal and psychological parameters of neglect; the parent's right to raise children as they see fit, including the use of corporal punishment; the termination of parental rights; the role of an attorney GAL; legal representation of the agency and parents in child welfare hearings; and the liability of child welfare agencies. The format is lecture, discussion and student presentation, and simulation. The course includes a trial and concludes with a final paper and student presentations on topics of their choice.


Prof. Kathryn Mercer

Prof. Kathryn S. Mercer is Professor of Lawyering Skills, teaching the leadership component of LLEAP 1 and 2, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Mediation.


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** No textbook required **