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Animal Law (LAWS 5709)

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The goals of the course are to:

  1. Provide a clear understanding of the status of animal law as it currently exists, with an emphasis on recent statutes and caselaw;
  2. Explore how the law handles animals and animal-related issues in comparison with humans and other property;
  3. Provide a hands-on, practical experience for students who wish to grapple with cases involving animal law with either a moot court or special research project;
  4. Get students to think about and develop their own philosophy as it relates to animal law, and to test legal theories for advancing animal jurisprudence in the direction they deem appropriate.


Prof. Jeffery Holland

Prof. Jeffrey Holland is partner at Holland & Muirden and an Adjunct Prof. of Law at CWRU School of Law, where he teaches Animal Law.


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