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Advanced Securities Regulation (LAWS 5412)

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This course will expand on the disclosure and enforcement themes discussed in the Securities Regulation (LAWS 307) survey course to engage in an in-depth examination of selected real-world securities topics. The focus will be to deepen the student's understanding of the SEC regulatory regime through consideration of current "hot topics" in securities law (such as executive compensation, 8-K disclosures, loss contingencies and Management's Discussion & Analysis), by reviewing SEC pronouncements and working with actual or hypothetical disclosure and counseling situations. In addition to analyzing rules, students will participate in drafting, analyzing and commenting on sample disclosure documents and client advice memos. The course is designed to further the student's understanding of a corporate/securities law practice as well as deepen the student's substantive knowledge in securities regulation law.



Prof. Robert Rapp

Prof. Robert Rapp is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law who teaches securities regulation, business associations, and law, theory and practice in financial markets.


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