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LLEAP 3 (LAWS 2803)

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This course continues to develop the legal skills introduced in LLEAP 1 and 2 courses. Students will continue their study of legal research, analysis, and advocacy in this advanced writing course. Two sections will be offered each semester providing students with the choice of focusing on Litigation or Transactional work. Students will engage in simulated counseling with clients such as, negotiations, case management conferences, and firm meetings. In the Transactional section, students will work through an entire transaction starting with a letter of intent, continuing on to contract drafting and due diligence, and ending with the closing. In the Litigation section, students will be exposed to the entire spectrum of litigating a case, including pleadings, discovery, dispositive motions, pretrial filings, trial, and appeal.

Instructor [Section 310]

Prof. Jennifer Cupar

Prof. Jennifer Cupar is Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University, specializing in litigation and legal writing. She supervises the school's federal judicial externship program.

Instructor [Section 320]

Prof. Matt Salerno

Prof. Matthew Salerno is a Lecturer in Law in the LLEAP 3: Transactional program, where he draws from almost two decades of practice, mostly dealing with business restructuring and corporate counseling.

Instructor [Section 330]

Prof. Melissa Ghrist

Prof. Melissa Ghrist is a practicing attorney and Adjunct Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University.


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Textbook [Section 310 - Cupar]

** No Text Required **

Textbook [Section 320 - Salerno]

Textbooks [Section 330 - Ghrist]


Computer-Aided Legal Instruction (CALI) requires an authorization code to use. If you do not have a CALI account, please contact Kieran Layton or the reference desk for assistance.

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