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Citation and Research Management Tools

This guide provides an overview of citation and research manager applications available to Case School of Law students, faculty and staff.

Introduction and Scope

Home: Introduction and Scope

This guide serves as an introduction to citation and research management tools available to law students at Case Western Reserve School of Law. Resources included in this guide are not restricted to tools for citation management tools for research papers but also include tools helpful in checking citation format for briefs and other legal documents.  A caveat:  Check  your course guidelines and check with your faculty members before using these tools for your LLEAP classes.  LLEAP may have course rules restricting the use of these tools.  Also we do not assume any liability if these tools make mistakes. It is best if you  understand the citation rules before relying on these resources. Even citation managers that claim they can provide Bluebook citation formats can make errors.  Ultimately, you are responsible for the accuracy of your citations.