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Contracts (LAWS 1101)

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In Contracts, you will learn about the formation of a contract; problems of offer and acceptance; consideration; the question of contract breach; damages and remedies for a breach.

Instuctor [Section 310 - Advocates]

Prof. Juliet Kostritsky

Prof. Juliet Kostritsky is the Everett D. & Eugenia S. McCurdy Professor of Contract Law and Director of the Center for Business Law at CWRU School of Law. She has practiced in the banking/corporate world, delivered papers at international conferences, and is a member of the prestigious American Law Institute. She teaches Contracts, Sales, Commercial Paper, Advanced Contracts and the Business and Law Colloquium.

Instructor [Section 320 - Barristers]

Prof. Cathy Lesser Mansfield

Prof. Cathy Lesser Mansfield is a Senior Instructor in Law and the Executive Director of the Master of Arts in Financial Integrity Program. She teaches a variety of consumer, payments and commercial law courses as well as "Holocaust and the Law.


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