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Financial Institutions Regulation (Fall 2019)

This is a research guide that provides additional study aids and other tools for those who take Financial Institutions Regulation.

Financial Institutions Regulation

In Financial Institutions Regulation class, you learn about the current U.S. financial regulatory framework, delineating the different agencies tasked with monitoring U.S. financial institutions and their respective roles


Professor Forrest Stanley

Professor Stanley is an attorney in Cleveland, Ohio and focuses on various areas of law, especially banking law. Stanley has been teaching Financial Institutions Regulation at Case Western Reserve University School of Law for five years. 

Professor Stanley's Library Liaison: Andrew Dorchak

Andrew Dorchak

Andy Dorchak coordinates the services of the reference department team, which helps patrons use the library’s resources more effectively and efficiently. Reference librarians offer personalized assistance to law faculty and students in the form of liaison relationships or personalized research consultations. Dorchak also specializes in foreign and international legal research and support of the Journal of International Law and Canada-United States Law Journal.