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2018/2019: Contract Law (Spring 2019)

This is a research guide that provides additional study aids and other tools for those who take Contract Law course in Fall 2018.

Contracts Law

In Contract Law class, you learn about the formation of a contract; problems of offer and acceptance; consideration; the question of contract breach; damages and remedies for a breach.

In this guide, section-specific content is listed with Barristers content following Advocates content.

LLM: Professor Jack Turner


Jack Turner came to the law school’s LL.M. program with an extensive background in the Cleveland legal community. He has worked as an associate for one of Cleveland’s top law firms and has had experience working for a small boutique firm. He has also served as a staff attorney for a Common Pleas Judge in Cuyahoga County. While at law school, Jack was an articles editor for the Case Western Reserve Law Review. He now teaches U.S. Legal Writing and Research to foreign lawyers in the LL.M. program and Professional Responsibility for LL.M. students. He also directs the Summer Language and Law Institute for incoming LL.M. students and foreign legal professionals interested in a summer course in legal English and an introduction to the basics of the U.S. legal system.

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