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Advanced Legal Research (LAWS 5706)

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This course will provide students with the practice-ready research skills needed when entering an externship, work setting or the practice of law. The focus will be on learning to research efficiently and cost-effectively with exposure to current technologies used in legal practice. The course will expose students to the skills needed in presenting thorough and reliable research to a supervisor or a court. The class will be formulated in a way that will allow students to spend much class time specifically working on research problems where they can get real time assistance.


Prof. Joseph Custer

Prof. Joe Custer oversees all staff and operations for the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library, as well as teaches Advanced Legal Research and Electronic Discovery. His scholarship has primarily been in the areas of legal research, administration and issues pertaining to historical social justice. Custer joined Case Western Reserve in 2015 after serving five years as Director of the Vince C. Immel Law Library and as a faculty member at the University of Saint Louis School of Law. In addition to his JD, Custer holds a Masters in Library and Informational Science and a Masters in Business Administration.


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Study Aids

These study aids are available online.  Please click the hyperlinked title to view them. For instructions on how to use the specific platforms, including troubleshooting, please view Andy Dorchak's Study Aids Research Guide.


Computer-Aided Legal Instruction (CALI) requires an authorization code to use. If you do not have a CALI account, please contact Kieran Layton or the reference desk for assistance.

CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) Legal Research lessonsCALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction) Legal Writing lessons

Audio Guides

Sept. 29, 2022

International and Foreign Law Resources (Nov. 5, 2021)

In-Class Assignments

Foreign and International Law Resources

Foreign and International

Russia and Ukraine


Audio Tutorials (See Canvas for video tutorials -- too big for libguides, with screen sharing.)