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Urban Development Lab (LAWS 5762)

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This course will involve students in an integrated experience of academic research and public service to the Greater Cleveland area. Students will work on semester long research projects arising from issues raised by local nonprofit development organizations and the development arms of other local nonprofit groups and government agencies. Specific topics will vary from semester to semester, but will generally fall within (i) barriers to development of urban properties, (ii) the role of local government and communities in encouraging or discouraging development projects and (iii) solutions for making urban areas, in general, and Cleveland, in particular, more livable and sustainable. When possible, students will present their findings directly to the organization (s) raising the issue. Students can expect direct or indirect exposure to aspects of real estate, finance, land use, tax and other regulatory law.


Prof. Matthew Rossman

Prof. Matthew Rossman is a Professor of Law and Director of the Community Development Clinic. Rossman also created and teaches the Urban Development Lab and is a co-founder and active participant in the Cleveland Roundtable on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law. His practice areas included corporate, securities, real estate, tax and nonprofit law.


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