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Legal Research & Presentation Tools

For more than a century, Black’s Law Dictionary® has been the gold standard for the language of law. Today, it’s the most widely cited law book in the world. By Editor in Chief Bryan A. Garner, the 10th Edition is the most comprehensive law dictionary ever published. It contains more than 50,000 terms, including more than 16,000 new definitions. 

Now 14,000+ definitions, U.S. case law abbreviations & law guide

Provider of legal information for consumers and small businesses, Nolo offers a complete and up-to-date legal dictionary. Edited by a team of lawyers with expertise in all the vital areas of the law, Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary contains nearly 4,000 legal terms defined in everyday, understandable language. You’ll find both the legal standards—Latin terms, courtroom jargon, contract basics—and newly minted terms that reflect the ever changing language of the law today.

Receive news and analysis from Bloomberg BNA and Bloomberg News targeted to your interests and those of your clients. Includes BNA Law Reports, alerts for legal and news searches, legal documents and news articles in your Queue, tracking of dockets, opinions or bills, and sharing of dockets with other subscribers.

Includes full search functionality, alerts, access to saved files and folders, saved search history, emailing of documents. Subscription required for use.

Includes access to WestSearch, Keycite, folders, history, notes, and highlighting. Subscription required for use.

Free legal research. Contains cases and statutes from all 50 states and from the federal government. Search by citation, keyword or browse statute collections.

A reference guide for courtroom evidentiary foundations. Review predicates commonly used in getting evidence admitted by laying the proper foundation.

Federal Courts ($2.99, iOS, Android)

Contains the full text of all of the federal rules of procedure and the local rules for every federal court in the country, including district, bankruptcy, and appellate courts. Provides access to PACER, the address of every district, bankruptcy, and appellate court in the United States, and using GPS obtain turn-by-turn directions to any federal courthouse in the country. No subscription or in app purchase is required. Includes local rules of every federal court in the United States, and Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and Federal Rules of Evidence.

Provides author analysis, news, practice tools, and integrated primary source material. Conduct advanced searches on cases, link directly from analysis to primary source material, and send selected content to other Bloomberg BNA subscribers. Subscription required for use.

Access to federal and state court rules and to The Bluebook for legal citation. App is free but rules sets must be purchased. Follow @rulebookapp for “Free Friday” and be informed which book may be downloaded free each Friday. Rule sets cost $2 or $3, but The Bluebook is $39.99.

Provides detailed reference information and data in major contemporary legal fields as well as bonus research information such as demographics and financial computations. Use for quick lookups and fact checking. Includes a dictionary of legal terms, statutes of limitations for each US state, information about visa types, including basic requirements, common issues, and extensions and limits, calendar computations to quickly determine the end date of a specific term, financial computations, including fees calculator, settlement calculator, current interest rates, historical value of money, and federal U.S. tax rates, crime rates and history for specific crimes, as well as state and national average comparisons, demographics of population and economy for a specific city, investigative information, including weather, company information, IP lookup, and blood alcohol calculator, damages and estate planning computations for occupational salaries, cost of living, life expectancy, and present or future value, real estate law, including mortgage calculators, closing cost estimation, information on square footage, home sales price, and utility prices, international information about currency, country economy, and languages spoken, as well as time zone conversions, and roman numeral conversion

Popular trial presentation software. Easy-to-use iPad app to organize, annotate, and present evidence. Store and access all your documents from your iPad. It includes powerful presentation tools that callout sections of documents, highlight text, create side-by-side document comparisons, edit and show video clips, add exhibit stickers to documents, search document text, and much more.

An easy to use evidence management and presentation tool. Create a case folder, add exhibits to your case through a Microsoft OneDrive™, Box™, Dropbox™, WebDAV or iTunes® account and interact with evidence using annotation and presentation tools. For a more professional and feature-rich experience, users can prepare exhibits in TrialDirector 6 (such as editing closed-caption video clips, pre-treating with annotations or creating workbooks) and export to TrialDirector for iPad for presentation.