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International Business Transactions (Fall 2019)

This is a research guide that is created for those who take the course of " International Business Transactions"

International Business Transactions

In International Business Transactions class, you learn about various types of international business activities from a transactional perspective. 


Professor Juscelino F. Colares

Juscelino F. Colares is the Schott-van den Eynden Professor of Business Law, Professor of Political Science and Associate Director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center. Colares teaches courses in civil procedure, conflict of laws, international business law and regulatory law. His scholarship explores interjurisdictional problems that emerge in litigation involving conflicts between national regulatory law and international trade norms. Colares's research has appeared in leading peer-reviewed journals and law reviews, including the American Law and Economics Review, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Journal of International Economic Law, Journal of World Trade, Jurimetrics, Revista dos Tribunais (Brazil), Columbia Journal of European Law, Cornell International Law Journal, Georgetown International Environmental Law Review and Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law.

A former clerk for the Hon. Jean-Louis Debré, Chief Justice of the Conseil constitutionnel (the French Constitutional Court) (2008-09 term), and visiting professor at Ecole normale supérieure in Paris, Colares, was born in Brazil and is a naturalized citizen of the United States. Colares practiced law at Dewey Ballantine, LLP in Washington, D.C., where he litigated trade cases before federal agencies, federal courts and NAFTA panels. Colares was recently reappointed by the Office of the United Trade Representative to serve on the United States Roster of NAFTA Chapter 19 (Trade) Panelists. A versatile scholar, lawyer and economist, Colares is involved in numerous internationalization efforts at Case Western Reserve University and currently serves as chair of the university's faculty senate.

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Professor Colares' Library Liaison: Lisa Peters

Lisa Peters

Lisa Peters teaches classes for CORE and Advanced Legal Research and manages the library’s digital repositories. In particular, she aids students and faculty in environmental, tax and business research. She is the library liaison to the Case Western Reserve Law Review. She has been employed at the library since 2000. She holds a JD from Georgetown University Law Center, a MA in philosophy from the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle and a MLS in Library Science from Rutgers University.