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2018/2019: Immigration Law

This is a research guide that provides additional study aids and other tools for those who take Immigration Law course (JDs only) in Fall 2018.

Immigration Law

In Immigration Law  class, you learn about the general principles of immigration law and procedure, including the federal authority to regulate immigration, removal of aliens (deportation and exclusion), administrative and judicial review, fleeing persecution (refugees, asylees, and others

In this guide, section-specific content is listed with JDs' course content following LLMs'  course content.

Professor Lisa Scott ( the section of the JDs)


Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott, founder, and owner, and attorney of Scott Global Migration Law Group has just celebrated her 30 year anniversary of practicing immigration and nationality law. In those three decades she has cultivated her expertise across all variety of immigration cases; from employment-based cases for multinational corporations to immigrant petitions for individuals and more.

As the first member of her family to be born in the United States, Lisa was raised by her working-class grandparents. She attended Vassar College through scholarships and grants and received her law degree from Case Western University School of Law. Lisa worked under the tutelage of Austin T. Fragomen of Fragomen, Del Rey & Bernsen, which set the stage for her career in immigration law.

With her daughter off at the University of Maryland, Lisa remains avidly interested in education and often speaks to university students on the complicated avenues of the immigration process.

Professor Margaret Wong ( The Section of LLMs')


margaret wong immigration attorney ile ilgili görsel sonucu

 Margaret Wong has been an active supporter of the global health and emergency medicine program at Case for several years. An Administrative Management Officer for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Martijn Dalhuijsen is a winner of the 2011 Humanitarian Innovation Award. Martijn has participated in a variety of aid missions in Africa and Asia. Prior to joining OCHA, Martijn worked as a Human Rights Officer with Shell, the European Commission and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Martijn promotes use of public transport, especially trains, boats and bicycles. When not attending to crises around the world, Martijn attends international events, and explores national parks. He speaks English, French, German, Dutch and Chinese.

Professor Scott’s and Wong's Library Liaison: Andrew Dorchak

Andrew Dorchak

Andy Dorchak coordinates the services of the reference department team, which helps patrons use the library’s resources more effectively and efficiently. Reference librarians offer personalized assistance to law faculty and students in the form of liaison relationships or personalized research consultations. Dorchak also specializes in foreign and international legal research and support of the Journal of International Law and Canada-United States Law Journal.