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2019/20: Bankruptcy (Fall 2019)

This is a research guide providing additional research tools for those who take Bankruptcy course.

Bankruptcy Law

In Bankruptcy Law class, you learn about topics on the current federal bankruptcy law.

Professor Marvin Sicherman


 Marvin A. Sicherman Esq

Professor Sicherman has been involved on behalf of creditors in bankruptcy cases in at least 42 of the 50 states. Currently he is also an adjunct professor teaching bankruptcy law at Case-Western Reserve University's law school. Over the years he has lost track of both the number of presentations made by him and written materials published. Mentioned numerous times in "Bankruptcy in an Industrial Society, A History of the Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Ohio" author M. Susan Murmane.

Professor Sicherman's Library Liaison: Andrew Dorchak

 Andy Dorchak is Head of Reference at the Law Library. He coordinates the services of the reference department team, which helps patrons use the library’s resources more effectively and efficiently. Reference librarians offer personalized assistance to law faculty and students in the form of liaison relationships or personalized research consultations. He also specializes in foreign and international legal research and support of the Journal of International Law and Canada-United States Law Journal.