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Business Associations (Spring 2019)

This is a research guide that provides additional study aids and other tools for those who take Business Association course in Fall 2018.

Business Association

In Business Association class, you learn about the laws governing business organizations, particularly corporations.

In this guide, Professor Korsmo's section-specific content is followed by Professor Wilks's section-specific content.

Professor Stephen Wilks

Professor Wilks is a visiting associate professor, teaching business associations and commercial law courses. His cross-disciplinary research interests explore the intersection of governance, regulation and social justice issues emerging within transactional spaces. He has examined government use of private payment networks to facilitate various forms of financial surveillance; the role of transnational networks in harmonizing critical segments of the world’s financial system; and the politicization of migrant remittance flows between developed and developing economies.

Wilks practiced law and gained his initial teaching experience in Canada. He holds a BA in history and an LLB from Queen’s University; an MSW from the University of Toronto; and an LLM and PhD from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School. During his studies at Osgoode Hall, he was awarded the Harry Arthurs Fellowship (2008), the Willard Estey Teaching Fellowship (2009-2010) and the Nathanson Fellowship (2010). His student-edited and peer-reviewed publications have appeared in the Washburn Law Review, the Supreme Court of Canada Law Review, the Harvard Journal of Racial and Ethnic Justice and the Cornell International Law Journal.

Wilks has been teaching since 2011 at Lincoln Memorial University and Valparaiso University, before arriving at Case Western Reserve University.


Professor Wilks' Library Liaison: Andrew Dorchak

Andrew Dorchak


Andy Dorchak coordinates the services of the reference department team, which helps patrons use the library’s resources more effectively and efficiently. Reference librarians offer personalized assistance to law faculty and students in the form of liaison relationships or personalized research consultations. He also specializes in foreign and international legal research and support of the Journal of International Law and Canada-United States Law Journal.