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Legal Writing & Legal Drafting: Guide to Resources

Selected Law Review Articles & Journals on Legal Writing & Legal Drafting

  • Selected Articles 

Stephen V. Armstron and Timothy P. Terrell, The Art and Architecture of Paragraphs: Flow, Focus, and Emphasis, 23 Perspectives: Teaching Legal Res. & Writing 20 - 24  (2014). Westlaw.

Jill Barton, Supreme Court Splits...on Grammar and Writing Style, 17 Scribes J. Leg. Writing 33 (2016-2017). HeinOnline. 

Jason Dykstra, Enhancing the Effectiveness of Your Legal Writing with Plain English,  Advocate, Nov. - Dec.  2016, at 54-56. HeinOnline.

Bryan A.Garner,  Pointed Advice on Point Headings, ABA J., Sept. 2015, at 24-25. HeinOnline.

Bryan A. Garner, Writing vs. Good Writing, ABA J., Jan. 2018, at 26-27. HeinOnline.

Bryan A. Garner, The Year in 2016 in GrammarLanguage and Writing, 2017 Green Bag Almanac & Reader 13--29.  Law Library Stacks K184 .G73. 

C. Edward Good, Ugly Legal Writing, Landslide, Nov./Dec. 2018, at 55-58.  HeinOnline.

Alissa J. Hartig, Conceptual Blending in Legal WritingLinking Definitions to Facts, 42 English for Specific Purposes 66-75 (2016). OhioLINK Journals.

  • Journals that  focus on legal writing or provide regular columns on legal writing:

ABA Journal (v. 1 (1915) - date);  HeinOnline.

Green Bag Almanac of Useful and Entertaining Tidbits for Lawyers (2005 - date).  (Publishes an almanac devoted to exemplary examples of legal writing).  Law Library Stacks K184 .G73. 

 Legal Communication & Rhetoric (vol. 8 (2011) - date); formerly the Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors (vols. 1- 7 (2002-2010). Westlaw. HeinOnline.

Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing (vol. 1 - date).  Westlaw. 

Scribes Journal of Legal Writing (vol. 1 - date). HeinOnline. 

Student Lawyer (vol. 1 (1972) - date ). HeinOnline.