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Legal Writing & Legal Drafting: Guide to Resources

Legal Writing Books

Kenneth A. Adams, A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting (3d ed., 2013). Print: Law Library Stacks KF807.A33 2013.

 Peter Butt, Modern Legal DraftingA Guide to Using Clearer Language (3d ed., 2013). Print: Law Library Stacks K94 .B88 2013.

Catherine J. Cameron and Lance N. Long, The Science Behind the Art of Legal Writing (2015). Print: Law Library Stacks K94 .C358.

Christine Nero Coughlin, A Lawyer Writes: A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis (2d ed., 2013).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF250.C68 2013.

Linda H. Edwards, Legal Writing: Process, Analysis, and Organization (7th ed., 2018). Print: Law Class Reserve KF250.E383 2018.

Anne Enquist, Laurel Oates, and Jeremy Francis, Just WritingGrammar, Punctuation, and Style for the Legal Writer (5th ed., 2017). Print: Law Class Reserve KF250.E57 2017.

Bryan A. Garner, The Winning Brief: 100 Tips for Persuasive Briefing in Trial and Appellate Courts (3d ed., 2014). Print: Law Class Reserve KF251 /G3764 2014. 

Ross Guberman, Point MadeHow to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates (2d ed., 2014). Ebook: ProQuest Ebook Central.

Ross Guberman, Point Taken: How to Write Like the World's Best Judges (2015). Print: Law Library Stacks KF251 .G828 2015.

Joseph Kimble, Lifting the Fog Of Legalese: Essays on Plain Language (2006). Print: Law Library Stacks KF250.K53 2006.

Megan McAlpin, Beyond the First Draft: Editing Strategies for Powerful Legal Writing (2014). Print: Law Library Stacks K94.M35 2014.

Michael D. Murray and Christy Hallam DeSanctis, Advanced Legal Writing and Oral Advocacy: Trials, Appeals, and Moot Court (2009).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF250 .M875 2009.

E. L. Piesse, The Elements of Drafting (9th ed., 1995). Print: Law Library Stacks K94.P53 1995.

Edward D. Re, Brief Writing and Oral Argument (7th ed., 1993).  Print: Law Reserve KF251 .R4 1993.  

Teresa J. Reid Rambo and Leanne J. Pflaum, Legal Writing by Design: A Guide to Great Briefs and Memos (2d ed., 2013). Print: Law Reference Desk KF250.R34 2013.

Helen S. Shapo, Marilyn R. Walter abd Elizabeth Fajans, Writing and Analysis in the Law (Rev. 4th ed., 2003). Print: Law Reserve KF250 .S5 2003.

William P. Statsky and R. John Wernet, Jr., Case Analysis and Fundamentals of Legal Writing (3d ed.,1989).  Print: Law Reserve KF240.S78 1989. 

David I. C. Thomson, Skills & ValuesLawyering ProcessLegal Writing & Advocacy (2d ed., 2017).  Ebook: LexisNexis Study Aids.

Richard C. Wydick, Plain English for Lawyers (5th ed., 2005). Print: Law Class Reserve KF250 .W9 2005.