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Trademark Law Research Guide

Getting Started Researching Trademark Law

Multi-Volume Treatises

Louis Altman & Malla Pollack, Callman on Unfair Competition, Trademarks and Monopolies  (4th ed., 2003-date). Westlaw.  Online CWRU Law users only.  (10 volumes). 

Amanda V. Dwight & James E. Hawe, Trademark Registration Practice (2d ed., 2010-date).   Westlaw.   Online CWRU Law users only. (2 volumes).

Jerome Gilson & Anne Gilson LaLonde, Gilson on Trademarks  (2018-date). Lexis.  Online CWRU Law users only.  (10 volumes).

Barry Kramer & Allen D. Brufsky, Trademark Law Practice Forms ( 2d ed., 2010-date).  Westlaw.   Online CWRU Law users only.   (6 volumes).

J. Thomas McCarthy, McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition (2013-date)  Westlaw. Online CWRU Law users only. (7 volumes). 2 volumes.

Trademark and Unfair Competition (Graeme B. Dinwoodie & Mark D. Janis, eds., 2014-date). ElgarOnline.  Online CWRU Law users only.  (2 volumes).

Trademark Law Guide (2018-date).  WK Cheetah. Online CWRU Law users only.  (2 volumes).

Single-Volume Treatises

Steven H. Bazerman & Jason M. Drangel, Guide to Registering Trademarks  (Semi-annual update, 1999-date).  WK Cheetah.  Online CWRU Law users only.

Adam Brookman, Trademark Law: Protection, Enforcement and Licensing (1999-date). WK Cheetah. Online CWRU Law users only.

David S. Fleming & John T. Gabrielides, Trademark Litigation Practice (2010-date).  Bloomberg Law.  Online CWRU Law users only.

James E. Hawes & Amanda V. Dwight, Trademark Registration Practice  (2019-date).  Westlaw. Online CWRU Law users only.

Mark D. Janis, Trademark and Unfair Competition in a Nutshell (2d ed., 2018).  Ebook: West Academic Study Aids. CWRU Law users only. 

Siegrun D. Kane, Kane on Trademark Law: A Practitioner's Guide (6th ed., 2018).  PLI Plus. Online CWRU Law users only. 

Richard L. Kirkpatrick, Likelihood of Confusion in Trademark Law (2d ed., 2018-date). PLI Plus. Online CWRU Law users only. 

Barry Kramer & Allen D. Brufsky, Trademark Law Practice Forms (2019). Westlaw. Online CWRU Law users only. 

Mary LaFrance, Understanding Trademark Law (3d ed., 2016).  Ebook: Lexis Digital Study Aids.  Online CWRU Law users only. 

The Law and Practice of Trademark Transactions: A Global and Local Outlook (Irene Calboli & Jacques de Werra eds., 2016).   ElgarOnline. Online CWRU Law users only. 

Steve Meleen & Alexandra Bistline, Trademark Infringement Remedies  (3d ed., 2017-date).  Ebook: Bloomberg Law.   Online CWRU Law users only. 

Arthur R. Miller & Michael H. Davis, Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks and Copyright in a Nutshell (6th ed., 2018).  Ebook: West Academic Study Aids.  Online CWRU Law users only

Shah & Lackenbach Siegel, Chapter 3: Trademark Rights and Enforcement, in Corporate Counsel SolutionsIntellectual Property Management: Strategies & Tactics (2017-date).  Lexis. Online CWRU Law users only. 

Roger Schechter & John R. Thomas, Intellectual Property: The Law of Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks (2003). Print: Law Reserve KF2979 .S335 2003.   Ebook: West Academic Study Aids.  Online CWRU Law users only. 


Selected Monographs

Historical Background

Louis Altman & Malla Pollack, Chap. 26 Callman on Unfair Competition, Trademarks and Monopolies   (4th ed., 2018-date).  Westlaw.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Leon H. Amdur, Trade-Mark Law and Practice: Lanham Act Edition (1948).  HeinOnline. Online CWRU Law Users Only. 

J. Thomas McCarthy,   Chap. 5 McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition 5th ed., 2019-date).  Westlaw. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Daphne Robert, The New Trade-Mark Manual: A Handbook on Protection of Trade-Marks In Interstate Commerce (1947). Online CWRU Law Users Only.

General Monographs

A Legal Strategist's Guide to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice (Jonathan Hudis  ed., 3d ed. 2016).  Law Library Stacks KF3193 .L44 2016.

David N. Barnett, Brand Protection in the Online World: A Comprehensive Guide (2017).  Ebook:  EBSCOhost.  Online CWRU Users Only.

David Craig Hilliard, Janet A. Marvel & Joseph N. Welch II, Trademark and Unfair Competition Deskbook (2013-date).  Lexis.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Robert C. Lind, Trademark Law (3d ed., 2006).  Law Library Stacks KF3180.Z9 L56 2006. 

Darin P. McAtee, "Chapter 17 Trademark Registration," in Intellectual Property Law Answer Book (2019).  PLI Plus. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

"Part V:  Selected Issues (and Challenges) on Trademark Exhaustion," in Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Exhaustion and Parallel Imports (Irene Calboli & Edward Lee eds., 2016). Ebook: ElgarOnline.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Trademark Infringement Remedies (Brian E. Banner ed., 3d ed. 2918-date). Ebook:  Bloomberg Law.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Law and Economics

Giovanni B. Ramello. "Chapter 4: What's in a Sign? Trademark Law and Economic Theory," in Economic and Legal Issues in Intellectual Property (Michaek McAleer & Les Oxley eds., 2007).  Law Library Stacks K1401.E246 2007.

William M. Landes & Richard A. Posner, Chapter 7: The Economics of Trademark Law, in The Economic Structure of Intellectual Property Law (2003). Law Library Stacks KF2979 .L36 (2003).