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Criminal Procedure (Fall 2020)

Criminal Procedure

In Criminal Procedure class, you learn about how the law protects the rights of people accused of crimes.

In this guide, Criminal Procedure I is listed first and Criminal Procedure II is listed second (if both are taught in the same semester).

Prof. Katz

Prof. Katz is a specialist in criminal law, especially the Fourth Amendment. He has taught at the law school since 1966. His books and articles have been cited in more than 400 cases and legal articles, including the United States Supreme Court. He has authored and co-authored numerous books, including Know Your Rights (1993), Ohio Arrest Search and Seizure (2005), Ohio Criminal Justice (2005), and Baldwin's Ohio Practice: Criminal Law (2003-).

Prof. Groves

Judge Emanuella Groves was elected Cleveland Municipal Court Judge in 2001. She has taught Criminal Procedure 2 at the CWRU Law School since 2017. She has a distinguished record as a Cleveland Municipal Court Judge, while also maintaining a commitment both to education and innovative programs, such as community engagement programs and the Mental Health Specialized Docket.