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Law IT & Library Orientation

The most essential information for new students.

Protect Computer & Data

If your computer is connected to the Internet you should install virus and spyware protection software. For virus protection, Case offers Symantec Endpoint Protection for free. Follow the links below to download and install these programs.‚Äč

Protect Your Data
Regularly backup your coursework and important personal documents, pictures, and music library to an external drive or web-based storage. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Short-term backups: A USB keychain drive can store backup copies of your documents in progress. The drawback is that they are easy to lose.
  • Long-term backups: USB-connected, external hard drive of equal or greater capacity than your laptop's hard drive. The drawback is that they are not made to be portable.
  • Web-based storage solution such as your Case Google Drive.