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Critical Race Theory (LAWS 5129)

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This course will explore the foundations and central tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT), from its origins in Critical Legal Studies to current applications, debates, and evolutions. It will also bring in CRT ""offshoots"" such as TribalCrit, LatCrit, APACrit, QueerCrit, DisCrit and Critical Race Feminism. CRT posits that racism is endemic to society, but that we must also remain committed to social justice, and the intersection of theory and practice in our extant institutions. This seminar asks how future leaders might navigate the tensions between theory and practice, and use CRT to provide a toolkit for navigating scholarship and social reform in the realms of race and racism? CRT originates in critiques of anti-discrimination law and in reactions to Critical Legal Studies. Students will learn of those origins, explore established debates within CRT, and examine contemporary directions within the genre. This seminar will presume familiarity with basic constitutional law, but the readings will, in the main, draw from legal literature rather than case law.

Prof. Ebose-Holt

Prof. Izoduwa Ebose-Holt

Prof. Izoduwa Ebose-Holt is a practicing labor and employment attorney.


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