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Remote Access to Law Casebooks and Textbooks

Remote Access

Remote Access To Law Casebooks and Textbooks

The three major law casebook publishers: LexisNexis, Wolters Kluwer, and West Academic are not providing free online access to their casebooks for fall semester 2020. Due to COVID-19, the law library will not be lending print copies of Course Reserve materials and online access to Course Reserve material will be limited due to a variety of publisher-imposed restrictions. As such, it is incumbent upon every student to purchase or rent either a print version or an ebook version of the assigned casebook for each of her or his classes. Note that all three publishers are offering discounts on the ebook versions of their casebooks as described below. In the event that COVID-19 requires classes to be held remotely, the publishers will only provide online access to casebooks to students who can demonstrate they have purchased or rented a print version of the casebook. Please remember to save your receipts.

Lexis Textbooks (i.e, Carolina Academic Press)

Lexis advises using the Carolina Academic Press website for ordering ebook access to Lexis casebooks and Carolina Academic Press casebooks. The Carolina Academic Press website has aggregated the various vendor options for purchasing electronic editions of casebooks (i.e., Kindle, LexisNexis Store, VitalSource, RedShelf, etc.,) so that you can price compare and find the platform that best suits your need. Prices for ebook versions vary by vendor but are typically discounted 30% off the print price. 

Lexis and Carolina Academic Press has not yet made any decisions to provide complimentary ebook access during the middle of the semester should the need arise to go remote, but will update us if that changes.

West and Foundation Press Textbooks (West Academic Press)

Students who begin their semester online and prefer to use digital materials have access to discounts on eBooks purchased directly from West Academic. West Academic has extended their 15% discount codes to include print and electronic casebooks purchased through their web store. This provides students a way to save money on the price of materials and, in the case of electronic books, to ensure uninterrupted access regardless of where classes are held. Our law school’s discount code, which students should enter at checkout, is: CASELAW

If the campus unexpectedly shifts from in-person to remote learning during Fall 2020 and students lose access to their purchased print West Academic Publishing or Foundation Press books as a result, West Academic will make sure students continue to have access to their materials.

  • For students who purchased directly from our web store, West Academic will provide electronic access through the end of the fall semester. These students will not have to do anything to activate this access.
  • For students who purchased or rented through other online or local resellers including the Barnes & Noble bookstore, West Academic will provide digital access to their titles with proof of purchase or rental. Students are encouraged to keep their receipts. Please call 877.888.1330 (ext.4) or email
  • Students must have a West Academic account before they call in. They can use their online study aids account or create an account. 

Wolters Kluwer Textbooks (Connected Casebook) 

Wolters Kluwer offers an ebook option that students can purchase via Connected Casebook. The ebooks are discounted 40% off the print price of the equivalent title.

For additional information see:

Wolters Kluwer has not yet made any decisions to provide complimentary ebook access during the middle of the semester should the need arise to go remote, but will update us if that changes.