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Human Trafficking Practicum (LAWS 5931)

Students will examine and consider legal issues that arise in sex trafficking. Human trafficking is the second-largest crime in the world and is a $150 billion industry. Ohio has the fifth largest number of sex-trafficking victims and will serve as a backdrop for the course. Students will conduct research and craft solutions to issues raised by current gaps in legislation, victims' issues, advocacy groups, and others. The subject matter will vary from semester to semester based on the issues the class is asked to investigate, but will frequently touch upon criminal, juvenile, human trafficking, municipal, housing, commercial, and other law. Students will participate in the representation of victims of human trafficking in both the adult and juvenile courts.


Prof. Maya Simek

Prof. Maya Simek is a Lecturer in Law, Co-Director of the Health and Human Trafficking Clinic, and Managing Director of Equality Ohio. Her practice focuses on LGBTQ+ legal issues, human trafficking, and victim redress.


Your syllabus is available via Canvas.


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