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Selected Law, Social Work, and Health Resources at Case Western Reserve University

This research guide is focused on law, social work and health resources used by law students and other researchers. Use of resources in multiple disciplines helps create "common ground" by encouraging mutual respect, open communication & understanding.

Selected Law and Medicine Articles

Andrew Springer, Alexandra E. Evans, Jaquelin Ortuno, etal., Health by Design:  Interweaving Health Promotion into Environments and Settings, 5 Frontiers in Public Health 1(2017).

Dawn Pepin, Benjamin D. Winig, Derek Carr, et al., Collaborating for Health:  Health in All Policies and the Law,  45 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 60(2017).

Ethimois Parasidis & Douglas J. Opel, Parental Refusal of Childhood Vaccines and Medical Neglect Laws, 107 AJPH 68(2017).

McGowan, Angela K.., Lee, Mary M., et al., Civil Rights Laws as Tools to Advance Health in the Twenty-First Century, 37 Annu. Rev. Public Health 185(2016).

Efthimios Parasidis & Douglas J. Opel, Parental Refusal of Childhood Vaccines and Medical Neglect Laws, 107 AJPH 68(2017).

Jennifer Jee-Lyn Garcia, PhD. and Mienah Zulfacar Sharif, MPH, Black Lives Matter:  A Commentary on Racism and Public Health,105 AJPH  e27(2015).

Jason Corburn, Shasa Curl, Gabino Arrendondo, Jonathan Malagon, Health in All Urban Policy:  City Services through the Prism of Health, 91 J. of Urban Health:  Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine 623(2014).

Erin A. Egan, Karyan Parsi, Cynthia Ramirez, Comparing Ethics Education in Medicine and Law:  Combining the Best of Both Worlds, 13  Ann. Health L. 303(2004).

Erik Lillquist, Charles A. Sullivan, The Law and Genetics of Racial Profiling in Medicine, 39 Harv. C.R.-C.L L. Rev. 391(2004).

Agnes G. Rezler, Pamela Lambert, et al., Socialization of the New Professional:  Professional Decisions and Ethical Values in Medical and Law Students, 65 Academic Medicine S31(1990).