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Guide for using Freedcamp Project Management Software

Complete the Project Management Form considering these 8 factors*


Project Planning Process:

  1. Products / Deliverables (our form Description)

  2. Resources (Not specifically in our form - part of determining priorities- include required skills needed)

  3. Effort (our form Costs - money & time)

  4. Timescales (our form - Timeframe)


Our form also includes:

  1. Goals (why we are doing the project)

  2. Team (individuals responsible for the project)

  3. Stakeholders (who will benefit from this project)

  4. Risks (what could go wrong - and do we need to plan for this risk)

*Adapted from “Be Prepared …. Be Read, Willing ad Able” by Martin Wester (from )

Project Management Form*

Project Name:

Strategic Plan Item:

Project Manager:

Start Date:

Projected End Date:

Description: Describe the objectives of this project.

Goals: State what goals the project should accomplish.

Priorities: List and prioritize sub-projects.

Costs: Offer estimates of the cost (both financial and personnel) of the project.

Team: List the team members and their roles and responsibilities.

Stakeholders: List the stakeholders invested in this project.

Timeframe: Add any additional notes from the attached timeline.

Potential Risk Factors: List any potential issues with this project.

*Product of collaboration between Joe Custer and Corie Dugas, Saint Louis Law Library,2014.