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Patent Law Research Guide

This guide covers the basic legal resources for United States Patent Law, including primary and secondary resources.

Locating Case Law on Westlaw

Westlaw Topic and Key Numbers for Patent Law 

Topic Number assigned for Patents:  291

"Subjects included:  

  • Nature and incidents of the exclusive right of an inventor to the use of  his invention, secured by government grant
  • Proceedings to obtain and issue of such patents
  • Construction and operation of such patents
  • Exercise, protection, and enforcement of the exclusive rights granted
  • Infringement of patent rights
  • Remedies relating thereto"

The complete list of classification numbers for Patent Law on Westlaw.

Examples of typical patent law key numbers:

291k422 : Classes of invention or discovery; statutory subject matter

291k455 : Use or operation of machine or apparatus as affecting process; "machine or transformation" test

291II(B)k441 : Eligible Subject Matter

291k444 : Processes or methods

291k422 : Mulitple conditions of patentability

291k1736 : Laches