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Patent Law Research Guide

This guide covers the basic legal resources for United States Patent Law, including primary and secondary resources.

Reference Resources for Patent Law


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Research Guides

Andrew Auchincloss Lundgren, The Eligibility of DNA Sequence Discoveries for Federal Patent Protection: A Legal Research Guide (2004).  Print:  Law Library Stacks KF3111 .B56 L86 2004.  HeinOnline.

Adam V. Floyd, Legal Research Guide to Mechanical Patent Litigation (1995).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF3095 .F58 1995.  HeinOnline. 

Robert Haibin Hu, Research Guide to Chinese Patent Law and Practice (2002).  Print:  Law Library Stacks KNQ1194.H76 2002.  

Harold F. See, Federal Patent and Trademark Law, in Specialized Legal Research 11-1 - 11-41 (Penny A. Hazelton ed., 2014-).  Print: Law Library Reserve KF240 .S64 2014-