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Patent Law Research Guide

This guide covers the basic legal resources for United States Patent Law, including primary and secondary resources.

Patent Law Treatises: Multi-Volume

Peter G. Albert, Intellectual Property Law in Cyberspace (2d ed., 2011-date). Print: Law Library Stacks KF3095 .A77 2011. (Chapter 10).  Bloomberg Law.  Online CWRU Law Users Only. (2 volumes). 

J.W. Baxter et al., Baxter World Patent Law and Practice (1968-date). Lexis Advance. Online CWRU Law Users Only. (18 volumes).  

Donald S. Chisum, Patents: A Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity and Infringement (1978-date). PrintKF3114 .C47.  Lexis AdvanceOnline CWRU Law Users Only.  (13 volumes).

Iver P. Cooper, Biotechnology and the Law (2002-date).  Print: Law Library Stacks K519.M5C66 2002-.  Westlaw.   Online CWRU Law Users Only. (3 volumes).

Irah H. Donnor, Patent Prosecution: Law, Practice, and Procedure (10th ed., 2017- date). Print: Law Library Stacks KF3120.D66 2015.

Robert C. Faber, Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting (6th ed., 2008-date). Print: KF3125 .C5F332 2008Bloomberg Law. Online CWRU Law Users Only.  (5 volumes).

Horwitz on Patent Litigation (2013 - date). Lexis Advance. Online CWRU Law Users Only. (3 volumes). 

Herbert Hovenkamp, et al., IP and Antitrust: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Law (4th ed., 2017-date).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF 3116 .H683 2016.   WK Cheetah.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.  (2 volumes).

John Gladstone Mills III et al., Patent Law Fundamentals (2d ed., 2002-date). Westlaw. Online CWRU Law Users Only.  (3 volumes).

R. Carl Moy, Moy’s Walker on Patents (4th ed., 2003-date).  Westlaw. Online CWRU Law Users Only. (13 volumes).

Janice M. Mueller, Mueller on Patent Law (Annual, 2017- date).   Volume 1: WK Cheetah.   Volume 2 WK Cheetah.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.  (2 volumes).

Patent Litigation Strategies Handbook (William P. Atkins & Deborah E. Fishman, eds., 4th ed., 2017). Bloomberg Law.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.  (2 volumes).

John W. SchlicherPatent Law, Legal and Economic Principles   (2d ed., 2002-date).  Westlaw.  Online CWRU Law Users Only. (2 volumes).

Gordon V. Smith & Russell L. Parr,  Intellectual Property, Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Damages (2005 - date). Print:  Law Library Stacks KF2979.S647 2005    Latest supplement online: 2017:  Bloomberg Law. Online CWRU Law Users Only.


Single Volume Treatises and Hornbooks

Patent Law - Generally

Nafissa Chakroun,  Patents for Development: Improved Patent Information Disclosure and Access (2016).  Ebook: Elgaronline. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Joel Davidow and James Toupin, Patent Related Misconduct Issues in US Law. (2016). Lexis Advance.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Irah H. Donner, Constructing and Deconstructing Patents (2010). Print: Law Library Stacks KF3120 .D657 2010Bloomberg Law.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Alan L. Durham,  Patent Law EssentialsA Concise Guide (4th ed., 2013). Print: Law Library Stacks KF3114.85 .D87 (2013).

Michael A. Epstein, Epstein on Intellectual Property (5th ed., 2017). WK Cheetah.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Patrick J. Flinn, Handbook of Intellectual Property Claims and Remedies (2000 - date).  WK Cheetah. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Robert L. Harmon, Harmon on Patents: Black-Letter Law and Commentary (2007). Print: Law Library Stacks KF 3114 .H3465.   BNA/Web.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Robert L. Harmon, Patents and The Federal Circuit (13th ed., 2011). Ebook:  Bloomberg Law. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Dan Hunter, The Oxford Introduction to U.S. Law:  Intellectual Property (2012).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF2079 .H86 2012. 

AIan J. Kasper, et al., Patents After the AIAEvolving Law and Practice (2016).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF3101.6 2011 .K37 2016 Bloomberg LawOnline CWRU Law Users Only.

Arthur R. Miller & Michael H. Davis, Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright in a Nutshell. (2012).  Ebook:  West Academic eBook. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Gary Myers, Principles of Intellectual Property Law (3rd ed., 2017). Ebook: West Academic eBook.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Craig Allen Nard, The Law of Patents (3d ed., 2014).  Print: Law Library Reserve KF3094 .N37 2014(Casebook). 

Craig Allen Nard & R. Polk Wagner, Patent Law (2007). Ebook: West Academic Study Aids. (Hornbook, Concepts and Insights Series). Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Patent Eligibility, Prior Art and Obviousness2016Current Trends in Sections 101, 102 and 103 (2016). PLI Plus (PLI Course Handbook).  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Jerome Rosenstock, Priority of Invention and the AIA  (2018) Westlaw. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Roger E. Schechter & John R. Thomas, Principles of Patent Law (2007).  Ebook: West Academic eBook. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Jeffrey G. Sheldon, How to Write a Patent Application (3d ed., 2017-date). Ebook:  PLI-PLUS.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Foreign & International Law - Patents

Abe, Ikubo, & Katayama Law Firm.  Japanese Patent Litigation (Updated annually).  Westlaw. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Carolyn Deere Birkbeck, The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): A Reference Guide  (2016).  Ebook: Elgaronline.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Douglas Clark, Patent Litigation in China (2011). Print: KNQ1215 .C58 2011.

Indigenous Intellectual PropertyA Handbook of Contemporary Research (Matthew Rimmer ed., 2015).  Ebook: Elgaronline.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Innovation and Intellectual Property in China (Ken Shao & Xiaoqing Feng eds., 2014). Ebook: Elgaronline. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

International Intellectual PropertyA Handbook of Contemporary Research (Daniel J. Gervais ed., 2015).  Ebook: Elgaronline. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

International Patent Litigation: A Country-by-Country Analysis (Patrick J. Coyne ed., 1996-date). Ebook:  Bloomberg Law. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Edward J. Kelly, et al., European Patent Practice for U. S. Attorneys (2017). Ebook: Bloomberg LawOnline CWRU Law Users Only.

Gerald Paterson, The European Patent System: The Law and Practice of the European Patent Convention (2d ed., 2001). Print: Law Library Stacks KJC2725 .P38 2001.

Johann Pitz, Atsushi Kawada & Jeffrey A. Schwab, Patent Litigation in Germany, Japan, and the United States (2015).  Print: K1539 .P58 2015

Luke McDonagh, European Patent Litigation in the Shadow of the Unified Patent Court (2016).  Ebook: Elgaronline. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Marcus O. Muller & Cees A.M. Mulder,  Proceedings Before the European Patent OfficeA Practical Guide to Success in Opposition and Appeal (2015). eBook: Elgaronline. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Patent Law in Greater China (Stefan Luginbuehl & Peter Ganea ed., 2014). PrintLaw Library Stacks KNQ1194 .P384 2014.

Antitrust & Patent Law

ABA Section of Antitrust Law, The Antitrust Counterattack in Patent Infringement LitigationA Project of the Private Litigation Committee and the Intellectual Property Committee (1994).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF3116.A5747 1994.


Aurora Plomer, PatentsHuman Rights and Access to Science (2015). Print: Law Library Stacks K1519.B54 P57 2015.  Ebook: Elgaronline.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Andrea Stazi, Biotechnological Inventions and Patentability of LifeThe US and European Experience (2015). Ebook: Elgaronline.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Business Method & Software Patents

Gregory A. Stobbs, Business Method Patents (2d ed., 2012 - date).  CCH IntelliConnect.  WK Cheetah.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Gregory A. Stobbs, Software Patents (3d ed., 2017 - date). CCH IntelliConnect. WK Cheetah.  Online CWRU Law Users Only.


Council of Economic Advisers. The Patent Litigator Landscape: Recent Research and Developments (2016).  Ebook:  GPO.

William C. Rooklidge, et al., Compensatory Damages Issues in Patent Infringement CasesA Pocket Guide for Federal District Court Judges (2011).  Print: Law Gov Docs JU 13.8:P 27/2. Ebook: GPO. 

Economics & Patent Law

Richard F. Cauley, Winning the Patent Damages Case:  A Litigator's Guide to Economic Models and Other Damage Strategies (2009).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF3155 .C38 2009.

Dominique Guellec & Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, The Economics of the European Patent System: IP Policy for Innovation and Competition (2007). Print: Law Library Stacks T255 .P2G84 2007.

John M.  Skenyon, et al.,  Patent Damages Law and Practice (2010 - date). Westlaw. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Patent Law History

Bruce Willis Bugbee, Genesis of American Patent and Copyright Law (1967).  Print:  Law Library Stacks KF2979 .B8.  Print: KSL Stacks 3rd Floor KF2979 .B8.

Edward C. Walterscheid, To Promote the Progress of the Useful ArtsAmerican Patent Law and Administration1798 - 1836.  Print: Law Library Stacks KF3114 .W35 1998.

Patent Licensing

Harold Einhorn & Eric E. Bensen,  Patent Licensing Transactions (Rev. ed., - date). Lexis Advance. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Lackenbach Siegel, Corporate Counsel SolutionsIntellectual Property Management, Strategies & Tactics (2011 - ). Lexis Advance. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Roger M. Milgrim, Milgrim on Licensing (1990-date).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF3145.M55 1990.


ABA Section of Antitrust Law. The Antitrust Counterattack in Patent Infringement LitigationA Project of the Private Litigation Committee and the Intellectual Property Committee (1994).  Print: Law Library Stacks KF3116.A5747 1994.

Joel Davidow & James Toupin, Patent Related Misconduct Issues in U.S. Litigation (2013 - date). Lexis Advance

Jennifer L. Dzwonczyk, The Patent Litigator's Job: A Survival Guide (2010)Print: Law Library Stacks KF3120 .D99 2010.

Anatomy of a Patent Case (Am. Coll. of Trial Law., 3d ed. , 2016) Bloomberg Law. Online CWRU Law Users Only.

Ronald B. Hildreth & David Aker,  Patent Law: A Practitioner’s Guide (4th ed., 2012-date). Bloomberg LawOnline CWRU Law Users Only. 

Edward D. Manzo, America Invents ActA Guide to Patent Litigation and Patent Procedure (2012).  Westlaw.   Online CWRU Law Users Only.